Field Construction

The PMSC field division is capable of constructing all types of new industrial construction projects. Most of our projects are withing existing facilities,constructing new process areas or expansions and additions to existing processes.

Our team is experienced in working under a general contractor to perform mechanical portions of projects. We understand the importance of scheduling and strive to exceed schedule expectations.




Our list of services in construction consists of:

  • Installation of mechanical portion of complete new process systems for chemical, specialty chemical, resins, oils seed processing, and all types of industrial processing systems.
  • Modification and expansion of existing processing systems.
  • Experience in the following types of systems for capital projects and additions
    • Batch process systems
    • Oil seed processing system (DTDC’s, extractors, and distillation equipment)
    • Material handling equipment installation
    • Utility systems (chillers, boilers, air compressors,filter units,etc)
    • Complete boiler systems
    • Conveying systems
    • Duct work and exhaust systems
    • Manufacturing line equipment and component installations
  • Piping
    • Follwing B-31.3 specifications with ualified and certified procedures and certified welders
    • Shop fabrication of piping spools per asymmetric drawings
    • Installation of all types of process piping systems per B-31.3 or other specification.
    • Replacement of existing pipe spool sections
    • Repair and modifications to existing pipe system
    • Installation or maintenance of utility piping systems, steam lines, condensate lines, etc.
    • Duct work and exhaust system fabrication and installation