“We would like to thank PMSC employee’s for the outstanding work performed during our emergency shutdown. The 28 day turnaround replacing our VCM Column was impressive. To take on the challenge and improve beyond anyone’s expectations was a testimony to the skill and dedication of your team.”

“We had another great downtime and smooth start-up. Thanks to your staff things went really well. We are having lots of success and planning is better organized due to the effective communication from PMSC.”

“We recently received a letter from the plant manager thanking us for a job well done. When we receive a letter like this we are all proud of what we were able to accomplish. We realize this could not be done without quality suppliers like PMSC. We wanted to thank you as a key supplier helping us meet our commitments. I would like to offer our appreciation to all who contributed in the design and fabrication of this project. I believe that this project furthered our working relationship and we look forward to future work with PMSC.”

“I want to thank you and your organization for a job well done. The world’s largest unsaturated polyester resin reactor is now up and running thanks to a year of hard work on the part of PMSC. PMSC’s attention to quality, safety, and schedule allowed us to complete the project under budget, ahead of schedule, and with flawless start-up. I would like to acknowledge all of your skilled employee’s, obviously they are a major asset to your company. Your people are the best in the industry.”

“This is to express my appreciation for your contribution to the success of our optimization project. We are closing out the project this month at less than the budgeted cost. The projects were completed in only eight months after funding which most said was not possible. As a result of this extraordinary effort, the plant is running at optimal measures. This was a difficult and complicated venture. We succeeded because quality suppliers like PMSC. Your willingness to go beyond expectations and your can do attitude is apparent. The lessons that we learn from this are that possibilities are limitless when a talented group of people work as a team unencumbered by the question of who gets the credit.”

“We wish to take this opportunity to present you with this token of appreciation for the work performed on the Pascagoula PX Expansion Project. We consider this project a major success with a focus on Teamwork, Quality, Reliability and Safety. We are very proud of our association with our client, our key suppliers and the friendships which have been developed. A major success of this project was the teamwork exhibited by everyone involved. PMSC played a significant role in making that teamwork possible.” 

“On behalf of the CPM-1 project team, I would like to commend your organization for the significant contributions made in helping this project achieve “world class” status. Our client and the industry is now measuring project success based on bench marking against their competition. Each projects cost, schedule, quality, and safety statistics are evaluated against like facilities. To be declared “world class” the project has to achieve an extremely high measure level of performance. Based on statistics, only one in ten projects are acknowledged for this level of performance. The CPM-1 project has received “world class” marks in all categories. PMSC made significant sacrifices to and a level of service that allowed us to accomplish our goals. I want to offer thanks to your organization and its employees for helping make this achievement possible.”